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Upgrades & Retrofits

Through the Continuous Improvement Program, Plasma-Therm has developed upgrades and retrofit packages for all product lines, including legacy systems. Upgrades and retrofits can enhance capabilities, improve reliability, and replace obsolete hardware.

Equipment upgrades


An upgrade package for systems with VCx cassette-to-cassette "Sidewinder" handlers replaces obsolete parts to ensure future system maintainability.

Ion beam etch and deposition systems

Plasma-Therm's advanced Marathon™ grid assemblies and complete IBD and IBE source upgrades deliver improved performance and reliability. These upgrades can be installed on ion beam systems from major manufacturers.

Marathon™ grid upgrades: High performance, long-life grids enhance performance and cost of ownership, providing greater than 2x longer grid life. Click IBD or IBE grids for more information:

Ion-beam source upgrades: High-performance source with turnkey operating environment for stand-alone operation or integration with your module. Click IBD or IBE source upgrades for more information:

Mask Etcher® series

  • Easy-maintenance source
  • Optical endpoint
  • Computer system retrofit
  • Edwards (Seiko Seiki STP 1303) magnetically levitated turbo pump


  • Arm drive sensor retrofit
  • Z-80 to Windows computer upgrade

Control system upgrades

Control system upgrades are available for most systems. Options include complete upgrades to new computers with Cortex®, Plasma-Therm's advanced control system that runs under Windows 7 and later versions.

Upgrade packages are also available to replace obsolete components without changing existing control systems.

Component upgrades

Upgrade packages are available with the following components to increase productivity and expand the processing capabilities of installed systems:

  • Turbo pumps
  • RF components
  • Throttle valves
  • Slot valves
  • Additional gas channels and secondary gas boxes for VERSALINE® systems


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