Tegal RIE


Tegal RIE Systems - Reactive Ion Etching

Tegal 901ACS and 903ACS Diode RIE

The Tegal 901ACS and 903ACS Diode RIE systems are used for removing non-critical amorphous silicon, polysilicon, silicon oxide and nitride dielectric, and numerous polymer thin films for either unpatterned layers or masked layers down to 1 micron feature size. The Tegal 901ACS is the most cost effective RIE platform in the industry for high throughput single wafer processing. The system features a unique high throughput pick and place wafer transport that can be configured for a range of wafer types and sizes from 75 mm to 150 mm round or up to 100mm square shapes. The system can support up to four process gases and either a 300 or 1000 watt RF power supply with impedance auto matching.

Tegal 981ACS Diode RIE

The Tegal 981ACS is based on the same RIE system architecture as the 901ACS and is scaled up to handle 150mm and 200 mm, round and up to 150mm square substrates of any material. This system is especially designed for non-selective etching of large areas, such as backside wafer etching and planarization steps. Used extensively by hard drive manufacturers, MEMS manufacturers, and researchers alike, it is a popular choice for large area plasma etching at low operating costs.

Tegal Legacy Systems

We support spare parts and upgrades for a wide range of OEM Group Tegal legacy products including 901e, 903e, 901g, and 6500 HRe cluster tools.

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