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Ion Beam Deposition

Ion beam deposition (IBD) is used to deposit thin films of a wide range of materials. IBD systems are capable of depositing  angstrom-scale films with very high precision and uniformity. IBD offers control and repeatability for processing a broad range of metallic, magnetic, and dielectric materials.

In an IBD system, a charged grid assembly focuses a broad-beam ion source on a target. The ion beam striking the target causes the target material to be sputtered and then deposited on the substrate. This is also referred to as ion beam sputter deposition (IBS). A multi-target turret allows for multiple materials to be deposited without moving the substrate out of the vacuum environment.

IBD allows for control of multiple parameters, including ion energy, flux, species, and angle of incidence. Nearly independent control of these parameters is possible, a significant advantage for IBD over other sputtering methods.

IBD is employed for various production processes, including insulating layers, sensor stacks, and thin-film magnetic heads.

Plasma-Therm’s IBD provides best-in-class uniformity and grid life. The six-target turret has individually tilt-adjustable targets, and the wafer stage is capable of tilt and rotation of the wafer.

IBD chambers can be integrated with ion beam etch (IBE) chambers to enable multiple processing steps within a single system.

See also Plasma Etch.

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