Technical support services

Plasma-Therm’s Technical Support team strives to exceed customer expectations. We provide timely and accurate responses, and act on behalf of customers to drive continuous improvement of products and services. The technical support team is the main channel for resolution of customer issues, and every customer receives dedicated support to help with troubleshooting, upgrades, and continuous improvement plans. 

As part of Plasma-Therm's award-winning technical support, the following mechanisms are in place to ensure critical system uptime and availability, and encourage the success of our customers.

24/7 phone support

Plasma-Therm 24/7 technical support by phone ensures quick turnaround and real-time follow-up during business hours, with after-hours support for production system troubleshooting and urgent replacement part orders.

An escalation procedure allows internal progress tracking to ensure that every issue is resolved in a timely manner. Our technical support software specialists are able to remotely log in to systems to help diagnose issues and install software updates when necessary.

Remote support

In the semiconductor industry, equipment issues can result in expensive delays while the customer waits for a service engineer to arrive and repair the issue. The impact of unexpected issues can be reduced by using a secure, remote-support communications channel. When activated by the customer, Plasma-Therm's remote support tool makes it possible for Plasma-Therm technical support personnel to interact with the control system, install software updates, and check tool logs to provide immediate assistance.

Work instructions

Plasma-Therm’s long product lineage has formed the basis of a large library of work instructions. The library includes detailed instructions for many service and maintenance procedures. Work instructions can be downloaded at any time from the customer portal at

Service Advisory

The Service Advisory provides technical bulletins and addresses issues with parts obsolescence, software upgrades, retrofit packages, and safety-related matters. It aims to anticipate improvement requests from both technical and safety aspects.

Software upgrades

Plasma-Therm ships the most recent system software with all systems, and includes a full documentation package in electronic form. Hard-copy documentation is available.

All software updates include detailed release notes describing new and enhanced features and resolved issues. The latest release notes and documentation are available through the customer portal:



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