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Low Temperature Strip/Clean

Plasma-Therm’s HDRF™ is proven technology for demanding applications, including photoresist removal without damage to sensitive devices and complex structures, and polymer residue removal for optimal quality of Bosch-process devices.

HDRF™ (High Density Radical Flux) technology incorporates a proprietary, distributed ICP (inductively coupled plasma) source, working in downstream mode and using 13.56 MHz RF power. The unique source design produces 50 to 100 times more radicals than other technologies, and delivers damage-free process results.

In addition to low-temperature PR stripping and polymer residue removal, the HDRF™ application portfolio includes scallop smoothing after DRIE, and surface activation before wafer bonding.

High Temperature Strip/Clean

Trymax NEO proposes four technologies from microwave downstream (2.45GHz), RF Bias, Dual source (microwave & RF Bias) to Direct Coupling Plasma (DCP). Those technologies can tackle a wide range of front and back end processes for Photoresist stripping high temperature, High dose implant resist stripping, Descum and Polyimide, BCB, SU8 and PBO Ashing.


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