The extensive spare parts inventory includes new and refurbished equipment.



Plasma-Therm’s spare parts inventory is designed to balance cost and risk to our customers. Our spare parts selection includes consumable, non-consumable and OEM new and refurbished equipment. Spare parts kits are available and designed to help you keep predetermined process consumables on hand.

The detailed spare parts rating system we utilize helps our customers choose the most cost efficient option to extend the lifetime of their Plasma-Therm equipment.

Customers are supported through worldwide service locations to provide timely response and minimize downtime. World-class business processes and quality control ensure that customers receive reliable parts that deliver predictable and repeatable results.

Plasma-Therm’s global infrastructure for spare parts support efficiently meets customer needs for cost-effective and high-performance parts.

To place spare parts orders or if you need status on an existing purchase order please contact:

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