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Service & Support

Our products are relied on in many different applications around the world. Therefore, we provide solutions, service and support which are tailored to meet your processing needs and expectations. We offer a comprehensive maintenance plan and spare parts matrix which is designed to keep your equipment effective and productive. Our systems use the most reliable parts and technologies to provide the most reliable performance. With the same intent, our Service and Support team is ready to accurately assess and support your service and parts needs.

Such support includes:

  • Providing correct and accurate service in timely manner
  • Service, Repair, and Retrofits
  • Service Contracts
  • Spare Parts Kits
  • Training

Customer Focus Team

Plasma-Therm deployed a team concept to streamline communication and provide comprehensive and accurate service and support to our customers. The cross-functional Customer Focus Team combines the disciplines of project management, engineering product management, technical support, and field service. This team concept ensures that customer needs are identified and communicated quickly. Field service team members involved in need-identification remain integrated in the process until a solution is implemented and qualified. Our Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) is managed by dedicated project managers who ensure that the focus of this program is our customer’s requests.

Field Service

Plasma-Therm offers on-site service for troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and upgrade installations. Our engineers are constantly updated with the latest service bulletins to optimize their skills and knowledge to effectively support our systems. Our team members are routinely trained with the latest products and configurations to provide a base of expertise. We introduce a CIP regimen to your system’s application to enhance its reliability and productivity through strong communication of recommended upgrades, PM schedules and system optimizations.


Plasma-Therm provides training on all aspects of your tool, from system maintenance, repairs and retrofits to system operation and calibration. Our trainers share their knowledge and expertise to make your personnel efficient users of Plasma-Therm tools.

Training tools include:

  • Variable-level training courses for systems
  • Assembly and test videos
  • Online tutorials
  • Component programming, calibration and troubleshooting

Part Returns/Replacement

In the event a Plasma-Therm system is down, the clock is ticking and our goal is to get your system back up and running in the timeliest manner possible. Our recommended spare parts kits are designed to keep predetermined process consumables on hand for quick response while managing an effective cost of ownership. Plasma-Therm has a global warehouse network to minimize down time due to parts availability.

Other Online Support

  • Product and process inquiries: Send email to Technical Support
  • System Documentation
  • OEM Data Sheets and Manuals
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Available Upgrades
  • Downloads

For technical support, please contact us.




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