Systems designed for R&D to high-volume production.



Since 1974, Plasma-Therm has offered plasma etch and deposition solutions for specialty applications. All Plasma-Therm systems, from the Advanced Vacuum Tackachi ICP to VERSALNE®, Singulator®, and to the Vision™ Series, provide highly accurate, repeatable results.

Plasma-Therm has collaborated with strategic partners such as DISCO for the Advanced Packaging market and memsstar (ORBIS™ platform) for dry release of MEMS devices.

A wide range of material handling options, including load lock and cassette load modules, match Plasma-Therm systems to varied capacity requirements, from R&D labs to high-volume manufacturing.

All Plasma-Therm products are supported by award-winning service and support that ensures high uptime and consistent process results. Our customer-focused approach has been recognized with awards in the VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey every year since 2000.


Software solutions

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