Mask Etch

Photomasks are a key element in semiconductor processing because they transfer the integrated circuit patterns to the wafers. Therefore, faithful reproduction of the lithographic pattern on the photomask is critical. Typically photomasks are made of transparent fused silica with a pattern defined by chrome metal as the absorbing film. However, photomasks have also been developed for other wavelengths such as extreme ultraviolet and X-rays.

Plasma-Therm offers mask etch technology on the Mask Etcher Series platform.

The extremely low tolerance for pattern error on photomasks has lead to sophisticated etching technologies. Compensation for errors in the initial photomask lithography can be accomplished using plasma etching uniformity adjustments. Plasma-Therm has leading ICP technology that corrects non-uniform photomask lithography for the 32 nm node and below.

Another critical component of photomask fabrication is particle control. Plasma-Therm has applied innovative chamber coating technology to ensure photomask yields are the highest in the industry.

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