Endeavor PVD


Endeavor MX PVD System 

The Endeavor MX PVD system is used for sputtering thin films onto 100 mm to 200 mm diameter wafers. At the heart of the Endeavor MX PVD system is the dual-cathode S-Gun™ magnetron, which provides the energy source for dislodging atoms from the sputtering target onto the wafer. This system produces dense, uniform coatings suitable for producing these thin films over the surface of the wafers.

Coatings are pure and have low residual stress, which prevents spallation during future processing steps. In addition to traditional PVD coatings used in filling contacts and vias with conductive metals and other applications, the MX PVD system is used to deposit specialty films, such as Aluminum-Nitride (AlN) and Scandium doped Aluminum Nitride (ScAlN), which need to be dense and oriented in a certain crystallographic structure.

The MX PVD system can perform the deposition under low temperature and low pressure, and ion density and ion energy can be controlled independently to tailor the deposition rate.

Endeavor Legacy Systems

We also support the legacy OEM Group Endeavor AT and 8600 PVD cluster systems with spare parts, field service, and upgrades.

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