200mm wafer on tape, 1mm dies processed on Singulator® MDS-100™ system.

Plasma dicing profile

Singulated dies: 15µm streets, rounded die corners, 120µm-thick dies on tape

MEOL Mid-End-Of-Line Wireless Photonics Solid State Lighting MEMS/NEMS Nanotechnology Renewable Energies Data Storage Photomask Research and Development

Advanced Packaging

"3D" integration of chips for thin-package modules is here, driven by worldwide demand for greener, faster, smaller devices. At the same time, accelerating product development cycles place tremendous pressure on chip designers and suppliers.

In this context, mid-end-of-line processing and packaging are the latest areas seeking innovation to meet the challenges of delivering more good devices, while coping with "More Moore" and "More than Moore" roadmaps.

Plasma-Therm, in partnership with ON Semiconductor, has developed new, unique solutions in wafer processing on industry-standard tape frames. Compared to mechanical and laser dicing, plasma dicing offers numerous advantages:

  • Smaller streets allowing more dies per wafer
  • No lateral damage
  • Reduced stress in package
  • Whole wafers diced at once

Plasma processing also accommodates wafer thinning for increased performance, energy saving, heat management, and 3D packaging.

Plasma-Therm Singulator® technology advantages

DESIGNERS can push the performance envelope with thinner wafers, and maximize return using non-orthogonal die arrangements and even non-orthogonal dies.

FRONT-END OPERATIONS increase productivity and lower costs with reducied wafer starts by placing more die per wafer.

BACKEND and PACKAGING maximize yield by eliminating lateral damage and producing superior die strength compared to laser and saw technology for die separation.

R&D programs reduce costs with fast and secure singulation of limited numbers of high-value dies.

Typical applications of Singulator® plasma dicing

On-tape-frame wafers:

  • Dicing of silicon, germanium, and GaAs substrates
  • Stress relief
  • Wafer thinning
  • Through-silicon via (TSV) reveal

Full-thickness wafers or thinned wafers on carrier:

  • TSV etch
  • Stress-controlled PECVD films
  • Dicing before grinding
  • Failure analysis

Systems for advanced packaging applications

Plasma-Therm and Advanced Vacuum offer systems that are configurable for various requirements, processes and settings, from R&D to pilot to production.

  • Singulator® — The industry's first production-ready
    plasma dicing platform
  • VERSALINE® — Maximum flexibility and capacity
  • Vision Series — Proven efficiency, lowest CoO
  • Odyssey HDRF™ — No-damage PR strip, cleaning, Bosch scallop removal

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