XERIC™ Dry Release Etching

memsstar’s XERIC dry release etch process module is available using vapor Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) andXenon DiFluoride (XeF2) chemistries. Combined with the company’s AURIX™ surface modification process module, memsstar is a leader in providing industry-leading release etch and self-assembled monolayer solutions. memsstar’s XERIC system offers solutions for commercial R&D through to full-scale high volume manufacturing, by integrating memsstar’s ORBIS™ platforms to achieve the latest and most advanced processing. memsstar’s XERIC etch process module offers the strongest approach to effectively releasing MEMS structures from the sacrificial layer, while eliminating the problems associated with alternative approaches, including stiction, incompatible and poorly controlled wet chemistries, poor control and monitoring of stagnant gas systems, and multiplicity of unit process steps.

Sacrificial Vapor Release Etching
Dry release processing from memsstar using the XERIC process module benefits from our advanced vapor delivery and chamber technology, enabling stiction-free and residue-free dry processing coupled with sophisticated process control and monitoring.

XERIC Vapor HF (Hydrogen Fluoride) – Sacrificial Vapor Release Etching

XERIC Xenon DiFluoride (XeF2) – Sacrificial Vapor Release Etching

For more information visit the memsstar website: www.memsstar.com


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